To all Senate and House of Representative
Candidates in the 2016 Federal Election

Fulcrum Australia stands for the speedy closure of all detention camps and the release of Asylum Seekers into the community. Note that we do support the thorough processing and identification of all refugees and Asylum Seekers, however they came to Australia.

As a candidate in the upcoming election, we ask you to answer a number of questions about your attitudes and opinions concerning Asylum Seekers and Australia’s current Asylum Seeker policies.

Please answer the questions according to your personal conscience; do not give us your party’s official line. We intend to throw our support behind candidates irrespective of their party affiliation, based purely on their answers to these questions.

Also, please note that not answering any question will be taken as a No answer, and unconditional support for current policies.

Thank you for your time and attention. Please click on the link to take the survey.


These are the questions you will be asked in relation to Asylum Seekers:

Yes/No Questions

  1. Do you support the immediate release of all children into the community?
  2. Do you support the immediate release of all families with young children into the community?
  3. Do you believe that all offshore detention centres should be closed?
  4. Do you believe that both onshore and offshore detention centres should be closed?
  5. Do you support the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention and believe that Australia should abide by it?
  6. Should Australia increase its intake of refugees?
  7. Should Australia open its doors to asylum seekers, subject to thorough processing?

Open Questions

  1. What are the minimum standards we should guarantee those currently held in detention?
  2. How should Asylum Seekers be integrated into the community?