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ALP Asylum Seeker Policy
Greens Asylum Seeker Policy 
Liberal Border Protection Policy
Comparison of Policies

 Federal Election 2016: Comparison of Liberal and Labor Party policies in a nutshell


Coalition: Maintain existing hard line against illegal boat arrivals through offshore detention centres.

Labor: Supports offshore detention but wants more done to ensure people found to be refugees are resettled in third countries.

Greens:  Will remove all children and their families from detention immediately, including those in offshore detention and on Nauru.

Will save $2.9 billion by shutting the detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru and abolishing the practice of offshore detention.

Will give $500 million to assessment and support organisations in our region to speed up the process and give people access to education and work rights while they wait. The Greens want to abolish temporary protection visas and provide permanent protection to people seeking safety.


UntitledKeith Ainsworth But if Golli is elected, then the number of Teddies elected is reduced by 1 and possibly give those intolerably smug plastic dollies an extra seat. Not that I am against Gollies, but perhaps they should restrict themselves to non Teddy electorates.

Russell Edwards How does that work? Teddy loses his seat and is replaced by a Golli *and* a Plastic? I think you might mean to say that will increase the plastic’s lead by 1 seat. Which doesn’t actually matter because forming government is decided on having a majority of seats, not on having the highest minority. If losing Teddy loses the Teddies their majority, then we all know very well they will form minority government with the Gollis, no matter how much hot air they put out to the contrary.

Russell Edwards Really this is just a scare campaign by the Teddies, who hate Gollis and want all the power to themselves. If they actually hand power to the Plastics rather than working with the Gollis, I would hope it would generate a massive backlash and spell their permanent electoral demise.