5 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. I would like someone with the skills and access to add up ALL the monies spent on asylum seekers/boat people – including all the detention centres (many now defunct or laying idle), the monies spent on maintaining detention (concentration) camps everywhere, the processing, the boats to send them back, the $millions given to Cambodia, the $millions ($billions?) given to jailkeepers, the monies given to Nauru, Papua New Guinea, EVERY $ spent – and compare that with what would have been spent if we had admitted them and put them on the dole whilst they settled themselves in this country. And then calculate that 99% of that dole money would then have gone back into the economy and calculate how much VALUE we would have gained from the skills these people brought with them, and calculate how much VALUE a country that ACCEPTED PEOPLE IN TROUBLE WITH OPEN ARMS COULD GAIN FROM PEOPLE WHO WOULD ADORE THEIR NEW COUNTRY FOR DOING SO!

    • Expertise? doubtful. (i”m sure I couldn’t find all the monies),
      time? not unless it became my f/t job,
      Inclination? oh yeah! I”d love to. Then mention the $$$ every time they say there is no money for health, education or the homeless…

  2. I do have an idea, maybe a scatty one, and one which would probably need the input of Sarah Hanson Young.

    Would it be possible to get as many people as possible to Canberra to surround Parliament House completely? As I said – scatty – I don’t know whether this is at all feasible, but think of the impact on the press – both here and o/s. IIt would be very embarrassing for the government (if they are capable of any emotions whatsoever). It’s no good doing it at State Parliaments (which would be easier I know). It would mean a lot of travel for a lot of people – but this has not been done before. I would happily fly to Canberra to participate.

    • great idea Jean – even if it feel a little counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t a ring around Parliament House keep a whole lot of politicians IN? I have spent most of my life trying to get a good deal of the OUT!!!…

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