Aims & Objectives

Leveraging numbers by targeting effort

Our Aim:
  • The closure of all detention centres, both offshore and onshore, starting with the release of all children.

   We believe:

  • A precisely targeted campaign can bring about a small but significant change.


  • Canvassing the views of politicians and political candidates and supporting those who match our views most closely.
  • Working together, influencing friends and using our networks, we hope to make the “We” big enough to swing marginal seats and influence the outcome in the Senate.

   Let us:

  • Keep it clear.
  • Keep it simple.
  • To ask every lower and upper house candidate in the upcoming election a set of closed and open questions relating to the detention of asylum seekers.
  • To use their answers to produce a series of How to Vote cards or similar information to guide voters when they come to cast their voter.
  • To use the same questions to influence preselection of candidates in the major parties.
  • To build a comprehensive national network of supporters, striving to have at least one person responsible for each marginal constituency, and a team in each State targeting the Senate.
  • To send the questions to candidates by email as a minimum, but to try to place the questions before candidates in person.
  • To maintain a website showing progress of the campaign, but also the answers received or not received to our questions by each candidate.
  • To evaluate our effectiveness after the election, learn from that, and plan for the next election.




Printable Copy of Aims & Objectives:

Aims & Objectives – Printable